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11/05/2015 | Even young Cubans concerned about dissidents
Guillermo I. Martinez Sun Sentinel
08/13/2015 | Oppenheimer: U.S. media’s view of Cuba is marred by frivolity
The Miami Herald
08/13/2015 | More tourists won’t change Cuba
The Miami Herald By James Cason
07/06/2015 | The Obama Administration’s Cuba Engagement Policy and Rising Repression
John Suarez Cuban Democratic Directorate
07/04/2015 | As a Cuban exile, I feel betrayed by President Obama
Carlos Eire The Washington Post
06/30/2015 | It Is Not the Embargo**
Jose Azel -ICCAS
06/19/2015 | Cuban woman mutilated in deadly machete attack holds State Security responsible
Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter
06/19/2015 | Cuba Sells Tombs
Danny I. Pedreira
06/19/2015 | Cuba has failed to expand freedom
James C. Cason
07/31/2014 | Cuban Dissident to Congressional Black Caucus: Stop Helping the Dictatorship
The Daily Signal
07/11/2014 | Light at Noon
Jay Nordlinger
02/17/2014 | Cuba’s changes are no more than window-dressing
The Washington Post
02/22/2012 | Former Cuban political prisoner Mario Pérez Aguilera and International Secretary for the Cuban Democratic Directorate John Suarez attended a gathering of young activists titled “From Cape to Cairo: The Role of Youth in Democratic Transition” in mid-Februa
John Suarez
02/09/2012 | Setting record straight on a program to help Cuba Read more here:
The Miami Herald Posted on Wed, Feb. 08, 2012 http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/02/08/v-print/2631767/setting-record-straight-on-a-program.html#storylink=cpy
Orlando Gutiérrez Boronat
Presentation by Sylvia G. Iriondo President of Mothers and Women against Repression (M.A.R. por Cuba) Member of the Secretariat of The Assembly of the Cuban Resistance Community of Democracies’ “Bene Merito” Award Event Warsaw, Poland January 31, 2012
Sylvia Iriondo
07/07/2010 | Zapata Lives! The truth about the life and death of Orlando Zapata Tamayo, Cuban prisoner of conscience, murdered by the Raúl Castro regime
Reina Luisa Tamayo Danger
06/16/2010 | MIAMI HERALD More Cuban political prisoners put their lives on the line
Frances Robles
03/23/2010 | WSJ: Fearsome Ladies- The Women who Scare Castro
Cuban Democratic Directorate
07/09/2009 | The Siglers: A Family of Patriots
Orlando Gutiérrez Boronat
06/08/2009 | CUBA IN THE OAS: Attack on democratic principles
Truly democratic governments in the hemisphere must join to bolster the Interamerican Democratic Charter, the Interamerican Commission on Human Rights, and other institutions in the OAS that uphold pluralistic democracy and human rights as the essence of the institution.
Orlando Gutiérrez Boronat
06/01/2009 | Miami Herald: Don't readmit Cuba, Miami exiles to urge OAS
Following Cuba's acceptance of a U.S. request to restart immigration talks, a Miami exile group opposes reintegration of Cuba into the Organization of American States.
Frances Robles
05/27/2009 | Cuba: No progress? No relief
"In the end, Cuba's hope for change centers on Havana, not Washington." www.heritage.org
Ray Walser
05/13/2009 | Labor Organization Slams Castro Regime Cancelation of Visit by Canadian Official
Christian Labour Association of Canada Press Release
Cuban Democratic Directorate
05/01/2009 | Human Rights Foundation Asks OAS to Cease Promoting Violations of the Democratic Charter
The Human Rights Foundation
04/09/2009 | Why do the members of Congress rushing to befriend the Castros ignore the island's pro-democracy movement?
Washington Post

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