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Campaña Mundial de Firmas en Apoyo al Movimiento Democrático en Cuba
08/04/2009 | World Movement for Democracy

(April 8, 2009)

The World Movement for Democracy is calling for a signature campaign to support the democracy movement in Cuba.  The Cuban Democratic Directorate and the National Endowment for Democracy have issued a letter expressing solidarity with human rights activist and political dissident Jorge Luis García Pérez, better known as Antúnez and fellow activists who have been threatened by police and State Security Officers.


Antúnez began a hunger strike on February 17 to protest the human rights situation in Cuba.  Since March 17, police and State Security officers have surrounded his house, threatening him, his wife Tamara Pérez Aguilera, Carlos Michael Morales, Diosiris Santana Pérez, and Ernesto Mederos Arrozarena all of whom had joined him in the hunger strike, which has transformed to a fast restricted to liquids.  At least 20 State Security and police officers have been keeping guard in front of Antúnez’s house and have cordoned off the street, stopping friends and relatives trying to visit him.  His brother has tried to visit him several times, but has been detained every time.


Antúnez is among those emerging activists increasingly calling for democratic change in the country.  He openly recognizes that being an Afro-Cuban has been a large factor leading to the oppression against him.  Despite having been held prisoner for 17 years, and having suffered harsh treatment by prison guards due to the color of his skin, his courage and spirit remains unbroken.  Fellow inmates eventually referred to him as “the Black Diamond.”


Please read the letter and provide your signature endorsing it by emailing your name and country to info@directorio.org by Wednesday, April 15, 2009.


To read the letter, visit: www.wmd.org/documents/Antunez.pdf


Please forward to fellow human rights and democracy activists to extend this global support.


For more information, visit: www.amnesty.org/en/library/asset/AMR25/003/2009/en/3a97d210-926b-4f52-8c4e-6f0ec857fb87/amr250032009en.html



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