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Asamblea de la Resistencia Cubana pide que no entren a Estados Unidos los represores castristas
16/06/2014 | Asamblea de la Resistencia

MIAMI, 16 de junio de 2014. Asamblea de la Resistencia Cubana. La Asamblea de la Resistencia Cubana en vista al aumento de la represión en Cuba contra los activistas de la resistencia, hace un llamado al Departamento de Estado, para que no le conceda entrada a los Estados Unidos a agentes de la dictadura castrista que vienen de visita en busca de incentivos económicos y regresan a la Isla para continuar reprimiendo a los opositores, mientras se les niega dicha visa a otros cubanos luchadores por la libertad y la democracia.


A continuación la carta  al Departmento de Estado en atención a la Sra Roberta Jacobson, Assistant Secretary,  Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs:


June 16th 2014


Ms.Roberta Jacobson,

Assistant Secretary Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs

U.S. Department of States

2201 C Street NW

Washington, DC 20520


Dear Assistant Secretary Jacobson:


The Assembly of the Cuban Resistance embraces a myriad of Cuban exiles organizations and resistance groups in the island seeking efforts in helping to bring about democratic change in Cuba.


We are writing to you on behalf of a group of former Cuban political prisoners who have been denied visas to enter the United States under the program for political refugees.


American immigration officials in Havana argue that those former political prisoners were charged or sentenced for violent activities. Over the years, the reports of the Department of State have exposed, extensively, the control exerted by the Cuban regime over the judicial system and the arbitrary fabrication of political offenses, contained in the Penal Code, which are used to incarcerate individuals for activities that are internationally recognized as civil liberties.


The Department of State reports also depict the systematic violations in Cuba of due process, the use of irrelevant or unreliable evidence to demonstrate intent, and even worse, the distortion of events and intentions when political activists are taken to trial.


It is an undeniable truth that most documents issued by Cuban courts are biased, distorted, and written with the preconceived intention to damage the name and public image of any individual who dared to confront the government. You will usually read on those court documents disqualifications like “mercenaries” and “terrorists” just to taint reputations.


 However, it has been repeatedly brought to our attention by the Resistance in Cuba that visas are being granted for visits to the United States to supporters of the Castro regime whom are widely known for their violent acts of repression against human rights activists.


You are aware of all these facts because, some years ago, you occupied the position of Coordinator for Cuban Affairs. Therefore, we ask you not to consent the injustice of denying those patriots their opportunity to restart their lives in the United States, after serving many years in the horrible Cuban prisons, while some of Castro’s violent collaborators are permitted to visit this great nation and then return to Cuba to continue committing awful abuses and violations of human rights.


We also will be glad to meet with you in the event you may like to further discuss this situation at your earliest convenience.


Respectfully yours,


The Assembly of the Cuban Resistance 

Bertha Antunez, Movimiento Femenino Rosa Parks                                                                 

Jorge de Guzmán, Círculo Naval Cubano                           

Paulino Fernández, Movimiento 30 de Noviembre “Frank País”                                                            Horacio S. García, Proyecto Pro Cambio

Luis González Infante, Presidio Político Histórico Cubano                              

“Casa del Preso”                                                 

Orlando Gutiérrez Boronat, Directorio Democrático Cubano

Idania Yanes, Frente de Resistencia “Orlando Zapata Tamayo”  




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