Anti-government Signs Appear in Havana
By Cuban Democratic Directorate

Havana. 10 April 2008. Cuban Democratic Directorate. Beginning on April 1st, anti-government signs were spotted in the Cambute area of San Miguel del Padrón, a Havana neighborhood according to Luis Esteban Espinosa Medrano, an independent journalist with the Cuban Human Rights Rapporteur Council’s Information Center.


According to statements made to the Cuban Democratic Directorate, the signs, which read: “Now we are more than a million who say NO,” as well as stickers bearing anti-regime messages appeared on electrical posts in Cambute.


Espinosa Medrano also reported that a sign reading “Down with Fidel” appeared on the morning of April 3 on an electrical post at the community’s entrance, according to Nery Castillo Moreno, wife of prisoner of conscience Juan Bermúdez Toranzo.


In the preceding weeks, similar signs have been reported in the municipality of Aguada de Pasajeros in Cienfuegos province, and in the city of Manzanillo in Granma province, as an expression of the growing discontent among the Cuban people toward the dictatorship.

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