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“No Politics Without Principle” -Gandhi
By Cuban Democratic Directorate

Miami, Florida July 20th 2015. Cuban Democratic Directorate. The Cuban Democratic Directorate, before the opening of US relations with Castro's dictatorship in Cuba, declares that this only consolidates and helps the brutal repression of the Castro regime against the Cuban resistance. At the same time this action contradicts the foundations of America, a nation that has always been the example of the international community in freedom, democracy, and progress. The Cuban Democratic Directorate in the year of its 25th anniversary of its foundation, has launched a campaign alert over the lack of freedom and respect for human rights in Cuba. This campaign is inspired by "The Seven Social Sins" which was published by Mahatma Gandhi in 1925. Among the seven social sins is: "No politics without principles." This morning the Board issued a message via social media as part of their campaign of "Seven Social Sins” which shows the facade of the Interests Section of the United States in Havana that appears with the luminous message of "Democracy in Cuba", the message below: “From 2006-2009 The U.S. Special Ineterest Section building in Cuba displayed messages of freedom and solidarity with the Cuban people. In 20069 these messages went dark by order of the Obama Administration. Now in 2015, full diplomatic recognition has been granted to the totalitarian regime which forbids that very freedom. On this day, we remember a time when the facade of what is now to become the U.S. Embassy in Cuba proudly stood for the principles Americans believe in.” The Cuban Democratic Directorate that is based upon freedom and democracy for Cuba, will stay closer than ever to the brothers and sisters of the internal resistance in Cuba, with the conviction that the forces of reason are on the right side that is the freedom of Cuban people. “No politics without principles”

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