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Pasos a la Libertad (Steps to Freedom)

Steps to FreedomFirst published in March 1998, Pasos a la Libertad (“Steps to Freedom”) is an annual Directorio report that analyzes the strategic growth of the opposition and independent civil society in Cuba and documents the civic resistance actions carried out by dissidents during the previous year. The Directorio has published ten issues to date, covering the years 1997-2002 and noting a growth from 44 protests or demonstrations performed in Cuba in 1997 to 959 protests carried out in 2002. Steps to Freedom is the only sustained study of its kind.

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MeridianoThe quarterly journal of the Center for the Study of a National Option, Meridiano was founded in the summer of 1999 and has focused on publishing and reproducing research and studies on Cuban democratic civic thought, the philosophy of democracy, the history and conceptual underpinnings of nonviolent struggle, and issues of democratic transitions in post-communist and post-dictatorial countries. The name Meridiano, or “Meridian” arose from the idea of needing to draw a line between similar values and events that have arisen from analogous situations, despite physical separation. The name specifically arose during a discussion about the death of activist Pedro Luis Boitel at the hands of Cuba’s communist dictatorship and the assassination of the Polish priest Father Popielusko by his country’s communist government.

''Cuba y la Coalición del Terror''
(Cuba and the Terror Coalition)

Cuba and the Terror CoalitionThis report authored by Orlando Gutierrez, with investigative assistance from Rafael Artigas and Ana Carbonell, was first published in October 2001, after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 in the United States. Based on information compiled from scholarly works and articles published by the media, the report examines the ties between the Castro regime and other well-known terrorist organizations throughout the world, demonstrating that the 43-year dictatorship has harbored, trains and directly assists violent anti-American, anti-democratic groups.

Acción Cívica (Civic Action)

Civic ActionCivic Action is the Directorio’s newsletter, which is mailed out on a quarterly basis with articles and photos about the organizations goals and activities, as well as news about events relating to the opposition that have transpired in Cuba.

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Report of Human Rights Violations in Cuba

Report of Human Rights Violations in CubaSince the year 2000, the Directorio has released an annual report of human rights violations in Cuba. An extensive report that compares the rights outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with the Cuban government’s violations of these rights at the economic, social, and political level, the Directorio has presented this report at the United Nations Human Rights Commission, the Inter-American Commission of the Organization of American States, and different conferences in the U.S. and abroad. The report lays out hundreds of cases of repression, especially persecution of Cuban dissidents and political prisoners.

July 26, 1953- July 26, 2003:
Reflections on 50 years of struggle for Democracy

July 26, 1953- July 26, 2003: Reflections on 50 years of struggle for DemocracyHow did the July 26th Movement, made up primarily of anti-communists who wanted to overthrow an authoritarian dictatorship and restore democracy, give rise to communist totalitarianism? What promises did Fidel Castro make and later break and what consequences has this had for the Cuban nation? Why after thousands dead, thousands imprisoned, and millions exiled has the struggle for the restoration of democracy in Cuba grown stronger? These are the questions that John Suarez poses in “July 26, 1953 – July 26, 2003: Fifty Years of Struggle for Democracy,” a short essay that looks at the historical events that led to Castro’s Revolution and the catastrophic results it has brought to the country. John Suarez is an Executive Board Member and the Youth Coordinator of the Directorio.

Current Corruption in Cuba and How to Fight It:
A Proposal for Social Auditing

Corrupción en Cuba“Current corruption in Cuba and how to fight it: a proposal for Social Auditing” by Dr. Ricardo Puerta

In this study, sociologist Ricardo Puerta, expert in development and corruption, offers an overview of the current manners of corruption affecting daily Cuban life as well as its social implications. He also shares guidelines on how to teach the average Cuban citizen the modern methods of becoming a social auditor to oversee and keep tabs on the activities of government institutions.

La República Invisible

La Republica InvisibleWhat must Cuban exiles do to rebuild the republic? Orlando Gutierrez’s first book, La Republica Invisible, published in 2001, puts forth a few suggestions, taking an inside look at the Cuban exile community from the perspective of a younger generation and proposing new strategies for producing change on the island.

“This book presents us with clear proof that we have [in Gutierrez] a Cuban who will leave a deep and positive mark on our country.” -- Carlos Alberto Montaner.

“La República Invisible is an ingenuous book – that is, free and unprejudiced – that dares to suggest methods that others would shrink from suggesting and remain silent.” -- Jose Ignacio Rasco

“La República Invisible is an important work because it addresses a fundamental issue – the republic that died, the republic that was exiled, and the republic that emerges today.” – Pedro Roig

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Pasos a la Libertad: un documental
( Steps to Freedom: A documentary)

Steps to FreedomFirst premiered at the Directorio's 10th anniversary conference in September 2000, Steps to Freedom: a documentary features never-before-seen images and interviews of opposition activists in Cuba. Filmed by the opposition activists themselves under difficult conditions with no prior authorization from the communist regime, the documentary looks at different dissident groups inside Cuba and allows them to voice their needs directly to the outside world.

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