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Cuba Sells Tombs
By Danny I. Pedreira

The Miami Herald, June 15, 2015 Cuba Sells Tombs While reading the June 9 article Family stunned as tomb of Cuban patriarch ‘sold’ – the remains have been removed - I kept thinking about the lyrics to the song by Kansas: “All we are is dust in the wind.” Some may find it horrifying and unfathomable that a family member’s gravesite is sold and their remains are tossed into a mass grave. However, those who follow Cuban affairs understand that this practice is commonplace. What everyone should understand, especially those whose ancestors are buried in Cuba, is that this degrading act is not only perpetrated against prominent families such as the Valdés-Faulis and Pedrosos. This horrible act is perpetrated against anyone whose family members went into exile. It is ironic that, as the flagpole that will presumably fly the Cuban flag at the Cuban Embassy in Washington is erected, the monuments to Cuba’s hallowed dead are being destroyed. If the current regime will not let our dead rest in peace, what should we expect of their treatment of the living? Daniel I. Pedreira - Miami

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