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08/20/2007 | Former Political Prisoners Back Noncooperation Campaign
Carlos Serpa Maceira
08/01/2007 | Prison authorities force political prisoners to yell “Long live the 26th of July!”, and a cry of “Down with the 26th of July!” is heard.
Cubanacán Press
07/11/2007 | The Youth of the 21st Century
Roger Rubio Lima
06/03/2007 | Pedro Luis Boitel Political Prisoners Association makes a declaration in regards to the human rights dialogue between the Cuban and Spanish governments
Political Prisoner Jorge Luis García Pérez "Antúnez"
06/03/2007 | Activists Brutally Beaten for Condemning Intolerance
Cuban Democratic Directorate
05/30/2007 | Activists and political prisoners pay homage to Pedro Luís Boitel
Political Prisoner Jorge Luis García Pérez "Antúnez"
05/30/2007 | Cuban Youth Movement for Democracy Joins Young Venezuelan Students in Solidarity
Nestor Rodríguez Lobaina
05/23/2007 | Anniversary of Injustice
Julio Romero Muñoz
05/22/2007 | Political prisoners commemorate May 20th in the Kilo 8 Prison and are brutally repressed
Juan Carlos Herrera Acosta
04/08/2007 | Cuban opposition members sign friendship agreement
Oscar Sánchez Madán
03/27/2007 | Ladies in White Address the UN Human Rights Council
Laura Inés Pollán Toledo
03/19/2007 | Cuba’s “Black Spring” commemorated in Camagüey and Villa Clara
Roger Rubio and Alaín Ramón Gómez Ramos
03/13/2007 | Hunger Striking Prisoners Recall Echeverria’s Fight for Democracy
Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia
03/05/2007 | State of emergency in Santiago de Cuba
Urgent appeal from Tania de la Torre Montesino, director of the Independent Press Bureau
Tania de la Torre
02/27/2007 | Activists tried after two years of detention for rending tribute to victims of tugboat massacre
Roberto Santana Rodriguez
02/20/2007 | From the daughter of Cuban political prisoner, Ramón Velásquez Toranzo, leader of the March for Dignity
Rufina Velázquez González
01/31/2007 | Activists distribute pro-democratic information
Oscar Sánchez Madán
01/31/2007 | Activist imprisoned for walking
Marylín Díaz Fernández
01/10/2007 | March for human rights continues
Marylín Díaz Fernández
01/09/2007 | The Eastern Democratic Alliance celebrates Three Kings Day by giving toys to children
Liannis Meriño Aguilera & Yosvani A. Hernández
01/08/2007 | Cuban Citizens Force Way onto Commuter Train
Lack of tickets provokes desperation
Yoel Espinosa Medrano
01/02/2007 | Political prisoner gives non-cooperation message to Cuban youth
Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia
12/28/2006 | Independent journalist marches from Santiago de Cuba to Havana demanding justice
Marylín Díaz Fernández
12/18/2006 | Radio Republica is heard in Cuba
Karell Infante Mantilla
12/05/2006 | Humanitarian aid and the importance of its civic character
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