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The Holidays, Christmas Eve, Christmastime, etc.
By Alexander Ortega Martínez

In conclusion, the end of the year 2007 draws near, which many people will bid a sad goodbye without forgetting that this has been the year when we were closest to the gates of freedom. Everyone knows why. The sequel will premiere in the coming year 2008. Finally, the chains will break and we will be able to sing, proclaiming freedom along with the mockingbird. The bird sings this kind of song without impediment, and we will imitate it without any inhibition. Two thousand and seven was a very fruitful year. The internal opposition on the Island put forward many ideas and perspectives. The paths which lead to the continuation of the struggle are already lit; we need only follow them without resting and reach the end. Every cave has an exit, and their secrets are only deciphered when someone becomes interested in them. Our path has been found thorny, and only the opposition knows that our life is an uncertainty. Why must I deceive preaching Hell? The valiant men now are those willing to die to see their dreams made reality. If we cannot reach the goal we desire out of cowardice or fear of failure, I, for one, wish to hurl myself forward and prove valiant in the effort.

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