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Political Prisoner in Critical Health Conditions
By René Montes de Oca Martijas

Havana. Political prisoner Juan Bermúdez Toranzo, resident of the cubicle 106, neighborhood Cambute, San Miguel del Padrón, is currently in critical health conditions. According to his wife, Nery Castillo Moreno, on December 28, 2007 she was able to visit him and confirms that Juan is very ill and thin, due to his 48 lb weight-loss, his muscular and joint pains. We would like to affirm that the distinguished activist is currently at the Valle Grande Prison, where he has been kept in a solitary confinement. He is victim of abusive beatings and is force to stay in the nude, all to force him into breaking the hunger strike he has carried out since his arrest. We need to emphasize that this civic leader is currently in prison since November 21, when he was abducted from his home at 10:30 p.m., approximately, by officials of the national police and MININT agents. We are making a call to the national and international public opinion so that they may demand Havana’s regime to release this human rights activist. His wife also informed us that Juan also sustained self-inflicted injuries with a fluorescent light bulb due to the irresistible repression that he is committed against his person.


René Montes de Oca Martijas, General Secretary of the Pro Human Rights Party afilliated to the Andrei Sahkarov Foundation

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