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Antúnez States the Demands of the Pedro Luis Boitel Political Prisoners Movement to the Raul Castro Regime
By Jorge Luis García Pérez "Antúnez"

Havana. April 14, 2008. Jorge Luis García Pérez “Antúnez”, National Coordinator of the Pedro Luis Boitel Political Prisoners Movement. The Pedro Luís Boitel Political Prisoners movement, compromised of current and former Cuban political prisoners, makes known that it remains deeply engaged in the restructuring of its membership all over Cuba. It continues to establish delegations in each and every province, from which it receives countless demonstrations of support, solidarity and understanding.


The Pedro Luís Boitel Political Prisoners Movement, a brotherhood founded in the mid-1990s inside Castro’s prisons, is open to all Cubans who wish to struggle for democratic change, and who are willing to advocate the release of the hundreds upon hundreds of people in Cuba who suffer imprisonment for their ideas, and who subscribe to the organization’s position and point of view at this political juncture:


  1. We demand the immediate and unconditional liberation of each and every one of the political prisoners in Cuba from the totalitarian and genocidal regime of Fidel Castro.


  1. We struggle to intensify the level of civic resistance and civil disobedience actions as a method of struggle and political confrontation.


  1. We maintain the worthiest and most consistent standard of civic activism before an intransigent and intolerant government that has demonstrated its lack of the least will to implement reforms and democratic openings.   

Before totalitarian repression, we advocate greater activism. As long as our brothers remain behind bars, as long as peaceful human rights defenders continue to be detained, and as long as our country lacks a legitimate state founded on the rule of law, the Pedro Luis Boitel Political Prisoners Movement will continue to be a worthy enclave of struggle and resistance and a platform for the denunciation of every human rights violation that may be committed.

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