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The Opposition I Know Well
By Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia

By José Daniel Ferrer García, Cuban political prisoner and prisoner of conscience, from Guantánamo Provincial Prison. Ferrer García is a Member of the Christian Liberation Movement, and Varela Project activist.


In Cuba, contrary to what the Castro brothers’ totalitarian regime attempts to portray (a regime which in fact successfully employed the bombs, firearms, and flammable materials of terrorism to come to power, which has drowned and executed people trying escape from bondage, and which, in order to avoid losing control of society completely, employs the terrorism of persecution, marginalization, beatings, and torture of those who dare to dissent) there exists an opposition that is one hundred percent patriotic, and one hundred percent peaceful. It promotes dialogue and reconciliation between all Cubans, works for the respect of all human rights, and for a state truly based on the rule of law.


It is an opposition that is honest and transparent, that condemns falsehood, hypocrisy, violence, and terrorism in all its forms, no matter who employs it, that rejects hatred and vengeance. It concerns itself not only with the wrongs that affect our people, but also with those that affect humanity as a whole. It is an opposition concerned about the environment, that supports sustainable development and a good understanding between peoples and their governments, governments which should all be democratically elected, and always respectful of human rights. It is a stoic opposition that, with very limited resources, confronts an omnipotent regime that possesses an immense repressive apparatus, and that spares no jeans when it comes to crushing those who think differently, a regime which manager to consolidate itself thanks to the millions it received from the vanished Soviet bloc, and which constantly hunts for potentates willing to help improve its economy in shambles. It is an opposition whose ranks are filled with men and women willing to make any sacrifice to see an entire people’s dream made reality, a dream which has so far been frustrated, an opposition that desires liberty, respect, opportunities, decent housing, just wages, and quality services for all Cubans. It is an opposition that is fraternal, that has a spirit of solidarity, that supports a pluralistic society and a pluralistic, diverse, and just world. That is the opposition that I know well, and belonging to it fills me with pride.

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