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Memorandum from the Cuban Youth
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Havana. June 6, 2008. The Cuban Youth. Nineteen years ago, the world awoke with a start to the images of Chinese students being crushed by military tanks on the orders of the great Asian power’s Communist government. These events took place on June 4, 1989, in Tiananmen Square, in the city of Beijing. The main cause: democratic opening. During the War of Liberation in Cuba against Spanish colonialism, many people from this far eastern country sacrificed their lives in solidarity with the cause of the Cuban people in gestures of genuine human altruism.


Today, the new generations of Cubans who are dedicated to upholding civic culture and peace, who are heirs to our Country’s emancipating ideals, and who struggle for Her definitive liberation, firmly decide to erect a monument in a democratic Cuba to the Martyrs of Tiananmen who are welcomed as children of this Caribbean Island for defending human rights.


May this decision serve as a lesson to the world that these regimes who rule by force, who despise all that which is different, must be confronted and isolated from the international community, and taken into human rights agreements and treaties.


May it serve furthermore as a guarantee, taking into account the experience of our country being controlled by a totalitarian government, that should some of the undersigned not be able to carry out this noble gesture of solidarity with and love for just causes due to imprisonment, forced exile, or the loss of their lives, other generations may raise this monument in the name of those who believed in and defended, above any ideology, love of Country.


Given in Havana, Cuba on June 6, 2008.


Signing in witness and commitment to give this document effect,


Yordis García Fornier

Yanet Mosquera Cayón

Néstor Rodríguez Lobaina

Rolando Rodríguez Lobaina

Eliécer Consuegra Rivas

José Ramón Herrera Hernández

Cristian Toranzo Fundichelli

Tatiana López Blanco

Adrián Sánchez Ortega

Rafael Pérez Sotolongo

Idalmis Núñez

Enyor Díaz

Roberto de Jesús Guerra Pérez

Jorge Luis García Pérez “Antúnez”

Idania Yanes Contreras

Iris Pérez Aguilera

Ismaris Salomón Carcasés

Juan Carlos Hernández Hernández

Carlos Serpa Maceira




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