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Latin American consensus reached in Geneva on Cuba vote
By Cuban Democratic Directorate

Of Latin American Countries, Cuban Government Cast Vote Alone Against Honduras’ Resolution

MIAMI, April 15, 2004 – The approval today of the resolution on Cuba presented at the UN Human Rights Commission currently convening in Geneva is a show of support from Latin America for freedom in Cuba, announced the Cuban Democratic Directorate (“Directorio”).

“Despite the many resources and propaganda efforts they devoted to it, the Cuban government lost the battle over Geneva in Latin America,” said Directorio President Javier de Cespedes upon returning from Central America, where he had been participating in meetings with the press and political leaders from the region.

The resolution was backed by key Latin American countries such as Chile and Mexico, even after Havana tried to mount a propaganda campaign, partially opening two prisons in Cuba and showing Cuban Television’s manipulated interviews of the wives of some political prisoners.

“Central America and the Caribbean, represented by the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Honduras, along with Chile, Mexico, and Peru have given clear proof that our region understands the Cuban people’s plight for their rights and freedoms and that they condemn the Cuban government’s use of force against its own people,” said Directorio Executive Board Member Jannet Rivero De Toro, who spoke before the Commission on two occasions during its session this year.

The tie-breaking vote came from the Dominican Republic, where Directorio National Secretary Orlando Gutierrez took part in several high-level meetings and appearances in the press yesterday. “We participated in a tense debate on Dominican television to which the Cuban Ambassador himself, Omar Córdoba, called to respond,” said Gutierrez, who was accompanied by Lucy Ramon Castillo, sister of Cuban prisoner of conscience Jose Gabriel Ramon Castillo, one of the 75 dissidents arrested in the government’s crackdown last year.

The Cuban Democratic Directorate thanks the Latin American countries that voted to approve the resolution for placing human values and ethics above political pressures and voting in favor of the Cuban people.

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