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Juan Carlos Gonzalez Leiva Speech at the UN Human Rights Council
By Juan Carlos González Leiva

Il Cenacolo

NGO in Special Consultative Status

With ECOSOC of the United Nations

Via Salaria 6, Rieti


Item 3

United Nations Human Rights Council

September 15, 2014


I am Juan Carlos González Leiva, spent 20 years as a blind lawyer defending human rights, suffering beatings, arbitrary arrests and organized mobs. From March 4, 2002 to April 26, 2004, was detained in the Police Center of Pedernales, Holguín, without trial, for celebrating a congress about human rights. There, systematically they sprayed chemical substances over me that burned my skin and occasioned hallucinations, strong headaches and allergies.

I was confined without access to the press, telephone, correspondence, or religious assistance. Murderous prisoners threatened me and prevented me from sleeping night and day. In my cell were left exposed electric cables with current.

Human rights defenders in my country are victims of a constant policy of repression.

For example: In 2014 I was beaten together with 10 activists in the street. Agents dislocated my left leg and right shoulder and I lost consciousness when they applied a choke hold. Jorge Luis García Pérez “Antúnez”and his wife Yris Tamara Perez Aguilera were arrested, beaten and transferred to the local police headquarters where Antúnez was placed in a choke hold losing consciousness several times and was injected by state security agents with an unknown substance. His home was invaded and sacked.


Other activists arbitrarily detained and beaten were: José Daniel Ferrer García, Yusmila Reina Ferrera, Geobanis Izaguirre Hernández and Ernesto Ortiz Betancourt.

I ask the United Nations protection for me and all the activists inside Cuba because soon I will return to my country to continue defending human rights.



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Juan Carlos González Leiva Juan Carlos González Leiva
Abogado invidente, que reside en Ciego de Avila, Cuba. Preside la Fundación Cubana de Derechos Humanos en dicha ciudad, organización que defiende los derechos humanos y que es perseguida por el régimen de Castro. A pesar de ser ciego, cumplió prisión desde el 2 de marzo del 2001 hasta el 26 de abril de 2004, fecha en la que le celebraron el juicio junto a otros nueve activistas de su misma causa, por sus ideas civilistas.


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