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Campaign Launched for Support to the Civic Resistance in Cuba
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El Nuevo Herald


(Translated by the Cuban Democratic Directorate)

Exile groups announced a campaign of support for civil resistance actions inside the island yesterday in Miami.

The “non-cooperation with the dictatorship” initiative seeks to mobilize the Cuban population to refuse to participate in acts of repudiation against political dissidents and generate activities of civil disobedience in favor of democratic change in Cuba.

''We are responding to a call made from the island by political prisoners and representatives of the dissidence, considering the growing sections of the population who are rejecting cooperation with the regime”, stated activist Angel de Fana, the executive director of the Plantados organization.

In addition to Plantados, the Project counts with the support of MAR for Cuba and the Cuban Democratic Directorate, although its promoters say that participation is open to all exile groups.

The campaign is based on six slogans incorporated in signs and stickers which will circulate inside Cuba:: I do not follow (I do not belong to the Communist Party, Committees for Defense of the Revolution (CDRs) and the  Union of Young Communists (UJC)); I do not repress (I am not a part of the repressive government apparatus); I do not attend (the mass acts summoned by the regime); I do not squeal (I do not betray my countrymen), I do not cooperate (with the economic production activities of the regime)

I do not repudiate (I do not participate in the acts of repudiation)

A seventh slogan summarizes the pattern of conduct towards national democratization: I do want change.

According to Javier de Céspedes, president of the Cuban Democratic Directorate, the most important thing is that ''this campaign has already begun from inside of Cuba” and it extends through multiple neighborhoods, “because the people are losing their fear”.

''The climate that is perceived inside of Cuba is of an agonizing regime”, pointed out Silvia Iriondo, the president of MAR for Cuba.

The first stage of the campaign will last a year, with the objective of broadening the support inside and outside the island.

De Fana insisted that this is “a civic Project which does not seek to incite subversive or violent actions,” he added that the campaign is also directed at the military personnel at the service of Fidel Castro’s regime.

The launch of this campaign is produced amidst numerous warnings of the internal dissidence in respects to an increase in governmental repression as the XIV Summit of the Non-Aligned Countries approaches, that will be celebrated in Havana from the 11th to the 16th of September.

The groups promoting the campaign sent U.S. authorities a partial list yesterday, of people reported as organizers and participants of repressive actions in Cuba, with hopes that the names will be investigated.

''The people who participate in human rights violations inside of Cuba should know that their actions will not go unpunished”, pointed out Iriondo.

The recent report from the Commission of Help for a Free Cuba suggests that those who participate in the repression of dissidents should not receive entrance visas-- as visitors or immigrants – to the United States.


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