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Montaner awarded prize and the Castro regime reacts
By EFE -

Carlos Alberto Montaner

Carlos Alberto Montaner

Madrid’s regional government awarded the Recognition Prize for Tolerance to Carlos Alberto Montaner, a Cuban writer, journalist, and political activist, and to Khady Koita, president of the European Network Against Female Genital Mutilation.


The announcement was made on Friday, march 2nd by an official of Madrid’s local government, Ignacio González. Montaner, who is the head of the Cuban Liberal Union, was given the award for his defense of democratization in Cuba.


According to the organizers, the prize is meant to acknowledge those who fight against intolerant and racist attitudes in a public arena, and for people who seek to eliminate obstacles in the participation of all citizens in their country’s political, economic, social, and cultural life.


The Cuban regime immediately criticized the “right wing” government of Madrid for giving the prize for tolerance to a “terrorist” of “Cuban origin.”


Granma, the Cuban Communist Party’s official newspaper attacked Esperanza Aguirre, whom they said “is very connected to anti-Cuban organizations from Miami, where the Spanish official travels often, as well as Aznar, for, among other things, taking pictures with known terrorists.”


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