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Young Latin Americans Pray for Cubans Fasting for Freedom
By Cuban Democratic Directorate

Miami. Young people from different parts of Latin America showed their support for Cubans who have held a series of fasts since August 4 to protest the electoral farce organized by the Castro brothers’ regime. Members of the International Youth Committee for Democracy in Cuba from Peru, Mexico, Chile and Uruguay called upon other young people from their countries to support the internal civic resistance movement in an international prayer chain.


Jorge Canals, from Chile, expressed his support on Radio República: “We have created a prayer chain across the entire country to stand in solidarity modestly, as we are able, with the people who are taking such brave actions.”


Uruguay’s youth fathered on October 18 to pray for and support those at fasting centers all over Cuba. “It was a very moving night where we young people once again asked for freedom and democracy as well as respect for human rights. Honestly, there was an atmosphere of great brotherhood and above all, solidarity” stated Martin Elgue from Uruguay.


The City of Toluca, Mexico also saw a prayer gathering as well as a talk about the Cuban opposition movement’s initiative of non-cooperation with the electoral farce. Jesus Sanchez from the Mexican Yout Committee for Democracy stated that they: “prayed a rosary for those fasting in Cuba at the Sacred Heart Chapel in Toluca, Mexico. After the prayer, people asked questions and showed interest in those fighting against lies and in favor of democracy in Cuba.”

A gathering of 50 young people in Lima, Peru also prayed for those fasting in Cuba. “We pray for all those who are fasting, for the political prisoners denied liberty, and the freedom to Express their ideas,” stated one participant on Radio República.

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