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Young Cubans Arrested for Protesting Electoral Farce
By Cuban Democratic Directorate

Havana, 28 October 2007. A group of young Cubans were arrested on the morning of October 28th  during a public demonstration of their disapproval of the Cuban regime’s so-called “elections.”


According to several sources from Cuban independent civil society who confirmed the story, the youths demanded an end to repressive measures directed against them, freedom for the people of Cuba, and also protested being forced to take part in the vote.


“These young people represent the youth that suffers and will continue to suffer under this dictatorial state. They are tired of so many lies, so much fraud, harassment, and so many repressive measures […] They are demonstrating that this series of votes is truly an electoral farce,” stated Julio César López Rodríguez, of the Frank País 30th of November Democratic Party, one of this story’s sources.


According to a statement by Juan Carlos González Leiva, Executive Secretary of the Cuban Human Rights Rapporteur Council, dozens of young people were also arrested on October 29th and taken to Zanjas y Dragones prison in Centro Habana for wearing bracelets bearing the word “CHANGE.” As of this writing, more than 60 young people remained in custody.


“The Cuban Human Rights Rapporteur Council expresses its profound concern to the international community and to public opinion, as it believes this could be the beginning of a crackdown aimed at eliminating the peaceful Cuban dissident movement,” stated González Leiva on Radio República.

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