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Political Prisoner Pacheco Ávila In Critical State of Health
By Cuban Democratic Directorate

Ciego de Ávila, November 15, 2007. Prisoner of conscience Pablo Pacheco Ávila, arrested during the crackdown of 2003 and now detained at the Morón Provincial Prison, is in a critical state of health. According to his wife Oleivys García Echemendía, source of this information, Pacheco Ávila suffers from a renal ectopia on his right kidney, which causes severe pain on his right side. Currently, Pacheco Ávila is receiving venoclisis, also known as an epidural catheter.


During a recent visit from his wife, she was able to speak with the chief doctor of the prison, who informed her that her husband was receiving symptomatic treatment via Peroxidan suppositories and analgesics or venoclisis, if necessary.  He also informed her that he would be receiving antibiotics due to the results of a urine culture. However, Pacheco Ávila continues to suffer from strong pains due to this illness.


“We, his family and wife of Pablo Pacheco Ávila, part of the 75 activists arrested in 2003, for his freedom, as well as freedom for all political prisoners because they are unjustly imprisoned simple for struggling to freely saying what they think, like all Cubans should; the only thing they are guilty of is being innocent,” expressed Oleyvis García Echemendía via a telephone conversation from Ciego de Ávila.


Pablo Pacheco Ávila, independent journalist from the Cooperative of Independent Journalists from Ciego de Ávila, was sentenced to 20 years in prison along with 74 other human rights activists and independent journalists during the spring of 2003. His wife has not officially solicited a medical parole because she considers it a process that has not been effective for cases regarding other Cuban political prisoners.


The Cuban Democratic Directorate makes a call to all international human rights organizations and the international community so they may also denounce the critical situation that political prisoner Pablo Pacheco Ávila is facing among the growing list of Cubans who also suffer from severe illnesses in Cuba’s prisons.

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