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A call for an International Campaign for Cuban Political Prisoner in grave state of health.
By Cuban Democratic Directorate

Family of Omar Pernet Hernandez denounces his situation and call for solidarity

Cuban political prisoner Omar Pernet Hernandez

Cuban political prisoner Omar Pernet Hernandez

Omar Pernet Hernandez, Cuban prisoner of conscience incarcerated in the Spring crack down of 2003, was transferred from the Santa Clara Hospital to the El Pre Prison in very poor health.


“I am the niece of political prisoner Omar Pernet Hernandez, who is found in a significantly deteriorated state of health. On the day we went to see him for his visit he showed us how his leg was shriveling up,” said Bertha Antunez Pernet "he injured his leg, in a car accident in October 2004 while being transferred by the State Security forces from the eastern prison of “Las Mangas” to a western provincial prison, and it remained fractured  since then."


Omar Pernet Hernandez received mediocre and inadequate medical attention that has left him in a wheelchair since the car accident that he suffered while being transferred from one prison to another. Three State Security officials that were accompanying him died. Pernet Hernandez was handcuffed in the backseat behind the driver. He survived the impact thanks to the fact he had his foam prison mattress on his legs.


“He was telling me today that he was very tired of all the lies that he has been told and have been said about him by the State Security, of all the mistreatments that he has endured. He is aware that the medical attention he received was very bad and as a consequence finds himself in these particular conditions because of that. It is persons of this government, that of Fidel Castro and the dictatorship in Cuba that are moved by hate and vengeance”, said Antunez Pernet to the Cuban Democratic Directorate.


The Omar Pernet Hernandez family calls on the world to support his unconditional release.


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