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A Prayer for all those who fight for Human Rights in Cuba
By Cuban Democratic Directorate

Members of multiple Cuban exile organizations attend a Mass and candle light vigil for the liberty of Cuba

Vigil held fo Cuban freedom fighters at Corpus Christi Catholic Church

Vigil held fo Cuban freedom fighters at Corpus Christi Catholic Church

More than 200 people attended a Catholic mass in support of the  “Non-Cooperation Campaign” and those who fight and have fought for Cuba’s liberty.


Father. Jose Luis Menendez celebrated the mass at Corpus Christi Church in Northwest Miami.   Former political prisoners and activists of Cuban exile organizations were present. Three symbols of the Cuban nation presided over the event: A Cuban flag that flew over the battle fields during the war of independence, a copy of the Constitution of 1901, and a book of donations for the independence struggle from the Tampa, FL exiled Cuban tobacco workers from the 19th century.


“We are two parts of the same heart, the one from this shore and the Cuba that lives on the island. We pray for all those in the enslaved island. Let us ask for all those who have fought during all our existence as a nation to obtain the light to shine in the hearts and minds of all its’ sons. Let us ask for all those who live in Cuba and are fighting so that the cause of liberty does not die, for all those who become aware that they can no longer be complicit with the regime,” said Father Menendez during the initial prayer.


At the end of the mass all participants along with the priest took part in a candle light vigil on the esplanade of the church. The candles were lit for Cuba’s liberty and Sylvia Iriondo, president of Mothers Against Repression, Angel De Fana, Director of “Plantados” organization of former Cuban political prisoners and Orlando Gutierrez, National Secretary of Cuban Democratic Directorate, said words of inspiration to the persons in attendance.


“The fundamental reason for this mass is to spiritually strengthen all Cubans for the fight for freedom, for the Non-cooperation campaign that is taking place inside of Cuba. It is a mass of endorsement to all those Cubans inside and outside of Cuba, or who find themselves in prison for Cuba’s liberty or are actively fighting in the streets for freedom. It is a way to start the new year spiritually strengthening and uniting Cubans from inside and outside of the island for liberty” said Orlando Gutierrez


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