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Signs and Stickers Asking for Democratic Change Increase in Cuba
By Cuban Democratic Directorate

Cubans make a call to not cooperate with the dictatorship


Cuba. January 16, 2008. Cuban Democratic Directorate. In the early hours of the morning on January 13, signs with anti castro slogans appeared in the Cambute neighborhood, in San Miguel del Padrón, in Havana City. According to information from human rights activists Miguel López Santos, and Ángel Enrique Fernández Rivero, the signs demanded more doctors, ambulances, new aqueduct and sewer systems, as well as freedom for all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience. René Montes de Oca Martijas, General Secretary for the Pro Human Rights Party affiliated to the Andrei Sakharov Foundation, reported to the Cuban Democratic Directorate that along with the signs were non cooperation campaign stickers asking the people to not cooperate with the dictatorship.


The same day, non-governmental stickers appeared in Santa Clara, province Villa Clara. The stickers read: I do not cooperate with the dictatorship, spread it in Cuba. According to independent journalist Idania Yanes Contreras, Villa Clara Press Agency, these stickers were placed on walls where there are pictures and images of Che Guevera. These walls were in Circle Avenue and highway, and at the central road and Prolongación de Martha Abreu.


The non-cooperation campaign is the petition via signs and literature asking Cubans to not repudiate, not betray, not repress, and not assist to political acts organized by the regime in Cuba. This call was made by Cuban political prisoners since 2005, and has spread throughout the entire island.


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