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Cuban City Covered in Anti-Regime Messages on Communist Holiday
By Cuban Democratic Directorate

Placetas, Cuba. Cuban Democratic Directorate. 27 de julio de 2009. Anti-regime messages written with black ink appeared in several public places in the city of Placetas in Villa Clara Province, Cuba on the morning of July 26th. This report was confirmed by opposition sources in the area, who added that they were facing intense harassment by political police. The island’s communist regime celebrates the anniversary of the failed 1953 attack on the Moncada barracks during the anti-Batista struggle.


The messages appeared on the façade of Bar de Machito, located at Carretera a Fomento and the corner of calle 5ta del Sur , as well as at Bar Anita located at Carretera Central between 8 and 7 Oeste. Additionally, messages appeared at several markets, including La Carioca, located on calle 4ta del Sur; El Copey, located at calle 2da del Sur, between 10 and 11  Oeste as well as other central locations.


The messages read: “Down with Fidel," "Communism No, Yes to Democracy," "Boitel Lives," "Down with Communism," "Long Live Human Rights," and "Down with the Dictatorship".


"There are many people who are in the opposition but do not participate formally in opposition groups. This is their way of showing discontent,” explained leading opposition activist Jorge Luis García Pérez, usually known as "Antúnez," who was recently awarded the Democracy Award by the National Endownment for Democracy.


Antúnez stated that State Security Agents Major Oilisab Gonzalez Morales, Héctor de la Fe Freire and Pedro Pérez were observed scraping Hawai the messages with machetes or covering them with whitewash or oil.



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