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Series of International Events Mark Cuban Resistance Day
By Assembly of the Resistance

Miami. August 7, 2009. Assembly of the Resistance. The Cuban exile community and the international community joined together in order to commemorate the most prominent instance of the Cuban people’s resistance against totalitarianism in recent decades, the Maleconazo freedom uprising in Havana on August 5, 1994. The anniversary of this date has been dubbed “Cuban Resistance Day” in Cuba and abroad.


The Cuban community gathered in the US cities of Los Angeles, Chicago, Tampa, Houston, West New York, Miami, as well as in Madrid, Spain, Stockholm, Sweden, and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. In each of these places, pro-democracy groups held vigils in public places to state “WE ALL ARE THE RESISTANCE,” referring to Cubans both on the island and in exile.


“On Cuban Resistance Day, we stand together with the Cuban people. The hearts over here and those over there are all united,” stated Rodolfo Rodríguez San Román, a member of the Historic Cuban Political Prisoners, the Assembly of the Resistance member organization that took the initiative of promoting the commemoration of this symbolic anniversary.


Cuban Resistance Day had an impact beyond the Cuban exile community, with solidarity demonstrations or messages of support in 16 countries around the world. Below is a brief summary of some of the actions of solidarity with the Cuban resistance  that took place on this date.




International Young Democrat Union vice chairman Daniel Walther y and first vice president of the Youth of the European People’s Party and president of the international comisión for  Germany’s Junge Union, Thomas Schneider, sent an open letter to the EAmbassador of the Republic of Cuba in Germany, Gerardo Peñalver. In this letter, they expressed their solidarity with the Cuban people who expressed themselves in the Maleconazo freedom uprising and condemned the totalitarian regime for repressing it. “We demand that the Cuban regime honor its international commitments – respecting human and civil rights as well as releasing and compensating all political prisoners. Only a democratic opening can open the path to freedom, self-determination, and well being for the Cuban people,” stated the young Europeans.


Members of the International Society for Human Rights, an organization headed by Martin Lessinthin, held an event in the city of Frankfurt where they distributed information on the events of August 5, 1994, and collected signatures for the release of Cuban political prisoners.




The Center for the Opening and Development of Laint America released a document called “15 Years after the ‘Maleconazo’: Social Discontent and Lack of Opening in Cuba” during an event held at its Buenos Aires headquarters in Buenos Aires. The event featured the document’s authors, Gabriel Salvia and Hernán Alberro, as well as commentary by journalists Ibis García Alonso and Fernando Ruiz. Additionally, Dr. Hilda Molina took part via telephone.




Dr. Reinaldo Gallo, a member of the Brazilian Labor Party, held a talk with public school students where he lectured about the systematic human rights violations that take place under the communist regime in Cuba.


Costa Rica


Member of parliament José Manuel Echandi released a statement in solidarity with the Cuban people on Cuban Resistance Day. A well-attended candlelight vigil was also held in support of respect for the Basic rights of all who live in Cuba.




Erick Paisley, a member of the Young Conservatives in Denmark, offered a message of support to the Cuban Resistance. Paisley emphasized the importance of international appeals to support the resistance and respect for human rights in Cuba.




The Cuban exile community gathered at Madrid’s Cuban Center to commemorate the August 5, 1994 uprising for freedom and to show their solidarity with the resistance in Cuba.




Young Italians began a signatura campaign to support a statement in solidarity with the Cuban resistance which they will release publicly in two weeks.




Young Mexicans held a protest in front of the Cuban embassy in Mexico City calling on the Castro regime to cease oprpressing its people and to cease interfering in the internal affiars of Latin American countries. The youths also held a vigil in memory of the Maleconazo freedom uprising and to offer their prayer intentions for the Cuban people.




A total of 17 Nicaraguan members of parliament from the democratic block at the National Assembly signed a declaration to support demoracy in Cuba, presenting it at a press conference.




Members of the Conservative Party held demonstrations to support the Cuban resistance on the 15th anniversary of the Maleconazo freedom uprising. Volunteers distributed pamphlets with facts about the situation in Cuba.




Young members of the People’s Christian Party and the Youth Comittee for Democracy in Cuba held a vigil at a park in Lima, Peru’s capital. Around 100 young Peruvians atended the event to recall the events of August 5, 1994.




In Warsaw, members of the Freedom and Democracy foundation held a vigil on August 4th in front of the Cuban embassy. The participants placed Cuban flags stenciled with the message “Maleconazo: 5 August 1994” and lit candles in memory of the victims of communism in Cuba. The candles were then left outside the Cuban Embassy.


Czech Republic


Jan Ruml, a member of famed dissident group Charter 77 in the former Czechoslovakia, and former Minister, Member of Parliament, and Senador for the Czech Republic, wrote a letter of support to the people of Cuba in which he offered his “solidarity and hope that the resistance will be succesful, and that [the Cuban people] will achieve the freedom for which so many of your compatriots have struggled for so long.”


Dominican Republic


Cuban exiles gathered at a monument to Cuban patriot José Martí in the Dominican capital city and held a vigil in solidarity with the resistance in Cuba.


The Dominican Democratic Youth held a demonstration at a main intersection in Santo Domingo calling for the release of Cuban political prisoners and commemorating the anniversary of the Maleconazo freedom uprising.




Cuban exiles, among them former political prisoners and contributors to the magazine  Cuban Miscellany Wilfredo Cedeño, Osmel Lavalier, Antonio Rojas, Osvaldo Alfonso and the Gainzas: Alexis, Irina, Ricard, Alexis (Junior) and Fredrik gathered in Stockholm where they paid tribute to the Cuban resistance on the waterfront.




Youths people from the Uruguayan Comittee for Democracy in Cuba held a vigil to commemorate the 15th Anniversary of the “Maleconazo” freedom uprising in order to stand in solidarity with the Cuban people’s struggle. The young Uruguayans joined symbolically with the Cuban youth who struggle for freedom today by chanting “WE ALL ARE THE RESISTANCE.” 


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