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Young Political Prisoner Nearing End of Sentence Threatened with New Charges
By Cuban Democratic Directorate

Guantánamo. 24 August 2009. Cuban Democratic Directorate. Cuban political prisoner Yordis García Fournier is currently being threatened by Cuban authorities of being processed under new charges of “social dangerousness” due to supposed acts of “public disorder” according to reports from his brother, Niobert García Fourner. Yordis will have served the entirety of his unjust, politically motivated sentence in September of this year.


According to reports provided to the Cuban Democratic Directorate by independent journalist Jorge Corrales Ceballos, the Ministry of the Interior Operations Unit’s “instructor” for Guantánamo prison known as Officer Odely drew up a “social dangerousness” charge on August 10th with the intention of processing García Fournier under new charges due to “disorder” during his prison sentence. According to the officer, García Fournier planned to carry out a protest inside the prison on Fidel Castro's birthday.


“This is the second time in less than one month that the officer went [to see García Fournier] for the same purpose. The previous time was last July 26th,” stated Corrales Ceballos. Yordis García Fournier was incarcerated in September of 2008 and sentenced to one year in prison on spurious charges of “resistance”. He will complete his sentence on September 1, 2009. García Fournier is currently under unjust imprisonment at the Combinado de Guantánamo Prison. He led a hunger strike from October 11, 2008 until November 1, 2008 demanding his right to wear civilian clothing and refusing to wear a common prisoner's uniform.



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