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Young Cubans Call for National Forum on Democracy and Economics on the Island
By Cuban Democratic Directorate

Cuba. 8 September 2009. Cuban Democratic Directorate. The Cuban Youth Movement for Democracy (Movimiento Cubano de Jóvenes por la Democracia [MCJD]) has called on all Cuban youth to participate in the Cuban Youth Forum for National Agreement on Democracy and Economics that will begin with a conference on October 10, 2009 and will continue in other events to be announced. MCJD, founded in 1990, is the longest active youth group in the Cuban civic opposition movement, known for their advocacy for university autonomy and academic freedom on the Island.


The Forum aims to focus the will and energy of the Cuban youth toward what the organizers call “a charge for real and lasting freedom for Cuba and all Cubans,” according to a statement issued by MCJD.


“The Cuban Youth Movement for Democracy and its University Students without Borders project calls upon all Cuban youth on the Island and abroad to participate in the next Cuban Youth Forum for National Agreement on Democracy and Economics. We also invite the University Student Federation (Federación Estudiantil Universitaria [FEU]) and the Young Communists Union (Unión de Jóvenes Comunistas [UJC]) to take part in the debates,” reads the statement.


Additionally, the young activists invited representatives of young democratic international community, governments, and media to the forum. Their aim is to make participation in this gathering an “unavoidable moral duty” given the “manifest inability of government authorities to face up to and respond satisfactorily to the accumulated crisis of this nation, whose roots are in the regime-established authority and repression,” according to the group.


The organizers are asking youth participants to prepare 3 to 5 page papers on democracy and economics, touching on topics detailed in their official announcement such as freedom, constitutionality and civil society, family and society, land distribution problems in Cuba, the two-currency system, private property, and self-employment. The papers can be e-mailed to MCJD at mcjduniversitariosinfronteras@yahoo.es or forojuvenilcubano@yahoo.com until November 27, 2009. They can also be sent to the coordinators in exile for the group: Janisset Rivero, Cuban Democratic Directorate at info@directorio.org.


Below is the MCJD’s invitation to the Forum and an excerpt from the document detailing the topics and procedures for the event.

               Invitation to the Cuban Youth Forum


The Cuban Youth Movement for Democracy (Movimiento Cubano de Jóvenes por la Democracia) and its University Students without Borders project call upon all Cuban youth on the Island and abroad to participate in the next Cuban Youth Forum for National Agreement on Democracy and Economics. We also invite the University Student Federation in Cuba (FEU) and the Young Communists Union (UJC) to take part in the debates.


We invite the Christian Democrat, Liberal, and Socialist youth of the Americas and Europe as well as all people of goodwill around the world to take part as observers. We request the presence of national and international press, as well as of the accredited diplomatic bodies in Havana.


Young Cuban: in our actions today lies the sacred destiny of our country and of tomorrow's man. Your duty is to decisively say “present” when our nation calls: to gather for a charge for real and lasting freedom for Cuba and all Cubans.


Our  e-mail forojuvenilcubano@yahoo.com.




1 .- Upon notification, registration, and approval all representatives of organizations, movements and currents of Cuban thought sufficiently recognized for their role in independent civic action in Cuba may participate in the Cuban Youth Forum for National Agreement on Democracy and Economics. Also, under the same rules of the forum, we extend our invitation to young Cubans living outside of Cuba, as well as to young people who are members of official organizations such as the Federation of Cuban Students (FEU) and the Union of Young Communists (UJC).

2 .- The Cuban Youth Forum for National Agreement on Democracy and Economics is designed exclusively for analysis and decision making about the problems of Cuban society regarding issues of democracy and economics.

3 .- Those interested in participating in the Forum are required to give notice as early as possible on the subject or subjects they wish to address, for which they must send their personal information and the information on the organization they will represent, along with a summary of no more than two paragraphs on the subject or subjects. The papers sent to the addresses outlined below or to the territorial delegations will be accepted until November 27, 2009, as work will continue for future meetings on these issues.

4 .- The participants must draft their papers, of no more than five and no fewer than three typed pages, in a clear and precise manner and submit two copies. Once edited, as a historical memory of the event, they may be collected, along with  the programmatic platform that will be developed in accordance with the civic proposals of the  movements, organizations and elements that make common cause for freedom in Cuba and for Cubans.

5 .- The papers of a comparative nature or based on statistics must be supported by posters or charts to ensure they will be fully understood.

6 .- The topics placed to be analyzed pertinent to the necessary solutions to the difficult Cuban problem detailed in the above mentioned items, may drew with equal appreciative interest on all opinions and formulations, from ground-level experiences to the broadest topics of the macroeconomics of society.

7 .- The organizers of the Forum on Democracy and Economy especially invite a select number of persons from Cuban civil society and with proven expertise in the subjects to be considered for national agreement. Additionally, active representatives of organizations, institutions and movements with high social prestige for defending civil liberties and restoration of the rule of law in Cuba, as well as representatives of respected news agencies accredited in Havana and diplomatic personnel who have given special attention to the Cuban civic movement will all be invited as guests.

8 .- The papers must be sent to the following addresses: mcjduniversitariosinfronteras@yahoo.es or forojuvenilcubano@yahoo.com
Also to the coordinators for the Cuban Youth Movement for Democracy abroad:
Janisset Rivero of the Cuban Democratic Directorate:



1.- Freedom. Understood and practiced as the first principle inherent to human beings, who have full faculties and the right to decide to take conscious actions focused on goals and purposes of both personal and collective natures.


2.- Constitutionality and civil society in Cuba. Analysis and proposals for a constitutional assembly in Cuba.


3.- The rule of law and civil order in Cuba. The democratic system of government. The elected nature and the ability to revoke the functions and political and administrative offices of the State. Equal opportunities for all eligible citizens with intellectual competence and public respectability to elected office.


4- Family and Society. Rescue of moral values and the moral dignity of Cuban society.


5- Education and faith. The absolute freedom of individuals to choose the type, manner and place they want to educate and instruct their children as legitimate parental rights usurped by the Castro regime.


The immorality of governments that place economic interests before dignity, justice and solidarity with the suffering people of Cuba who are subjected militarily. Disloyalty of the United Nations to the principles and precepts that constitute its fundamental basis in matters of freedom and human rights.



1 - The deplorable economic-productive situation of the country. Result of the forced state control of Cuban society and the prohibition of Cubans’ private and collective work. Current state and proposals for concrete and effective solutions to the generalized economic crisis of the nation.
2 .- The problem of land in Cuba. Review and proposals for implementation of a genuine agrarian reform.
3 .- The dual currency in Cuba. Immorality of an exploitative system that must end. The need to revalue,  without any delay, the Cuban peso as the only legally binding circulating currency, with purchasing power throughout the Cuban commercial and financial system, and a value that can be exchanged with other world currencies recognized in Cuba.
4 .- Private ownership and self employment. The absolute recognition of personal assets, and ensuring that their may dispose of them as they wish. The need to stimulate and protect the self-employed with material and technical means, as well as with financial resources and other proven ways to normalize and encourage the creative activity of individuals.
5 .- Free labor contracts in Cuba. The overriding importance of normalizing the free employment of Cubans with private Cuban or foreign companies within or outside the national territory according to their private, and best, personal decisions.

The unrepayability of credit and financial debts incurred by the Castro regime with States and financial institutions, who in their private capital contributions made and still make possible the maintenance and spread of an arbitrary one-man power of national subjugation that deprived Cubans and their country of the natural rights and liberties needed to bring about prosperity and progress to the nation and people, which Cubans and people from all over the world who came looking for safety and bread previously enjoyed on a daily basis. The exception to this being those certified and proven contributions of food, products, materials, and other goods and services destined directly to the Cuban people.

Those who hold debts should try to collect them now, and those who favor loans and capital should think of where they are destined and how they will be used, as well as in what way and time they will recover them.


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