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Political Prisoner’s Wife Condemns Unjust Treatment of Her Husband
By Cuban Democratic Directorate

Political prisoner Librado Linares García, sentenced to 20 years in prison during the 2003 Black Spring crackdown is subject to arbitrary and degrading treatment

Santa Clara. 11 September 2009. Cuban Democratic Directorate. Magaly Broche de la Cruz, wife of political prisoner Librado Linares García stated on Thursday, September 10, that her husband is currently being subjected to a repressive regimen devised by prison authorities in order to humiliate him.


Broche de la Cruz arrived on September 10 at “La Pendiente” Prison in Santa Clara, where her husband is imprisoned, for a conjugal visit when she was informed that he refused to undergo a strip search before the visit.


“Energetically, I said ‘Long live human rights! You are torturers! Long live Librado Linares!’ and that they are starving their people [… ] [and] they have violated the rights of the prisoners,” stated Magaly Broche de la Cruz to the Cuban Democratic Directorate.


Broche de la Cruz also condemned the harsh treatment Linares García has suffered in prison such as isolation in sealed, window-less cells, denial of his allotted telephone calls, threats, and beatings. She also stated that “They have pushed him so he would fall down a flight of stairs”. Nevertheless, she affirms that both she and Linares García will always stand firm on their principles and their faith in freedom for Cuba.


“He worthily represents the principles for which he is now imprisoned, and we the family and I as his wife, are willing to struggle for his freedom and will defend him from all deprivations of rights that are imposed upon him as a prisoner. He should not be in prison today,” declared Broche de la Cruz.

Finally, she called on the international community for solidarity: “I would like to take this opportunity to ask everyone who knows of this case and can intercede before the Cuban government, to join our struggle and to try to do whatever they can not only for Librado, but for all those prisoners who are there.”


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