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Statement by the Cuban Democratic Directorate following the release of the Cuban regime’s terrorist spies in exchange for the American citizen Alan Gross
By Directorio Democrático Cubano

Miami, December 17, 2014. Cuban Democratic Directorate. Considering the breaking news issued by numerous international media outlets about the Cuban regime’s release from prison of the American citizen Alan Gross in exchange for the return to the island of the Cuban spies imprisoned in the United States, the Cuban Democratic Directorate, through its Secretary General, Orlando Gutiérrez-Boronat, declares that: “The decision of the administration of President Barack Obama to release three terrorist spies of the Castro dictatorship in order to end the unjust kidnapping of the American citizen Alan Gross is a serious mistake that damages the national security of the United States and the cause of Cuba’s freedom. Among the activities carried out by these three individuals were a conspiracy to assassinate American citizens over international waters; acts of espionage against United States military installations on American soil; planning the murder of secret service agents of the United States on American soil, and espionage activities against American Congressmen on United States territory. To release these spies without having carried out their sentences is an affront to the lives of Mario Manuel de la Peña, Carlos Costa, Armando Alejandre and Pablo Morales, murdered by the Cuban dictatorship on February 24, 1996, and sends a message of weakness to all anti American forces in the world. The United States should have never given in to the blackmail of Castro’s dictatorship. The end of the unjust and brutal kidnapping of Alan Gross could have been attained applying political resolute, void of any concessions to the cruel and despotic tyranny of the Castro brothers.” ###

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