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Statement by the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance in Light of the Obama-Castro Agreement
By Assembly of the Resistance

On behalf of the Cuban people’s sacred right to freedom and in the face of the present round of negotiations between the Obama Administration and the Cuban Dictatorship to normalize relations, the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance (ARC) states: 1) We declare that the Cuban people’s rights are not negotiable. The right to organize independent political parties and labor unions; the right to live in peace without repression; the liberation of all political prisoners; the withdrawal from power of the Castro brothers and the celebration of free elections constitute imperative conditions that will secure and guarantee a legitímate democratic change in the island. These conditions are included in the current federal law of the United States as prerequisites for the normalization of relations between the United States and Cuba. We demand that this law be respected and that unilateral concessions to the Cuban regime cease. 2)We denounce the harsh prison conditions and the deplorable state in which Cuban political prisoners find themselves in and demand their immediate and unconditional freedom. We reitérate that as long as there exists a dictatorship maintained by arbitrary laws, Cuba will continue having political prisoners. This fact has been extensively demonstrated by the incarcerations and numerous human rights violations that have taken place in the island following President Obama’s statement of December 17, 2014. 3)We announce that more than 600 civil rights and opposition activists in Cuba have added their signatures to the Agreement for Democracy, a historical document signed in 1998 by a large number of democratic organizations inside and outside Cuba even before the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance was founded. The Agreement specifies the aspirations of the Cuban people and its ten points constitute a clear path for the re-establishment of the Republic of Cuba. The Agreement does not belong to any specific organization per se but only to the Cuban Nation and its struggle for freedom. 4)We claim that this is the moment when all freedom loving Cubans must unite. It is essential that we intensify our efforts in our search for a convergence of the initiatives that the Cuban Resistance is managing inside and outside Cuba and procure ideal mechanisms that will lead to a real change and to the full re-establishment of the freedoms and fundamental rights of the Cuban people. For the Freedom of Cuba Assembly of the Cuban Resistance

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