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Violent beating of activist Antonio Rodiles by Cuban State Security. More than a hundred detainees between Ladies in White and human rights activists who participated in the twelfth Sunday march
By Cuban Democratic Directorate

Link to Antonio Rodiles: https://youtu.be/W9PXY97TF-Q Havana, Cuba- July 6, 2015- Cuban Democratic Directorate. Human rights activist, Antonio Rodiles was severely beaten on his way to the Sunday march organized by the Ladies in White to demand the release of Cuban political prisoners. Rodiles suffered a broken nose requiring immediate surgery, several blows to the head, in the left ear, jaw and fracture in the large left toe. The activist was heading to the Sunday march and was intercepted on 42nd Street between 1st and 3rd of Havana, by State Security agents dressed in civilian clothes and in a car with special plate, who wanted to take him, Rodiles refused and after an argument, he threw himself to the floor shouting "Long live human rights", then the agents applied choke hold techniques and started hitting him. Testimony of Antonio Rodiles in the Estado de SATS video: https://youtu.be/305XilibeFA “I really think that what is happening is very alarming and we have been raising warning signs, they are already twelve Sundays of brutal repression. In my case I have visibility and this is seen, but all this kind of brutality, all this kind of abuse is occurring with many activists and often times it remains unknown. I think it is time that there is a call to all force and urgentcy to the international community to halt this critical situation we are living in the island," declared Antonio Rodiles. Despite the repression, the Ladies in White, managed to attend mass at various locations in Cuba along with other human rights activists that accompanied them, according to information received from Berta Soler, representative of the Ladies in White, in conversation via telephone with the Cuban Democratic Directorate. "After completion of the mass and walk on 5th Avenue 45 Ladies in White and 14 human rights activists who were with us [in Havana] were arrested," said Berta Soler. The Cuban Democratic Directorate protests against the beating of Antonio Rodiles and any activist, as well as the continuing repression against the Ladies in White and human rights activists in general and urge the international community to raise their voices in protest to the increased repression of the Castro regime against the Cuban Resistance. ###

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