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Youth leaders who scaled the Sierra Maestra are repressed
By Cuban Democratic Directorate

On December 9th, members of the Cuban Youth Movement for Democracy in Santiago de Cuba were detained by agents of the State Security in that city and were taken to a station of the Ministry of the Interior, where they were interrogated and threatened. Arturo Majin Colomar Puig and Ángel Beses Beiries were handcuffed to a bench in the interior patio of that station, and were forced to remain there for over 24 hours, including the early hours of the morning, in spite of Angel’s asthmatic condition.


“Well, they told me horrendous things. Angelito had asthma and we spent the night in the cold in the inner quad, handcuffed to a bench, and we did not know how we were going to sleep. The next day they threatened to take us to the prison there, and if we did not collaborate they were going to give us 20 years, and that they would also give Nestor (Rodriguez Lobaina) 20 years. They said that we should not have done what we did at Turquino… What were we doing in Turquino? Why didn’t we just go to the beach and take a picture there, why did we have to go and scale the Turquino? They said we made history because we were the first dissidents to scale the Turquino. They feel hurt because of this,” said Arturo Colomar Puig to the Cuban Democratic Directorate via telephone.


In an unprecedented event, eight members of the CYMD carried out a symbolic act at the ‘Pico Turquino’ of the Sierra Maestra, the peak of the tallest mountain in the island. This act was made to commemorate the 27th of November of 1871, date of the cruel executions of eight medical students wrongly accused of having scratched the glass that covered Gonzalo Castañón’s tomb, a journalist who preached of the extermination of Cubans to populate the island with new Spanish settlers.


The activists were able to reach the peak of the mountain mocking a strong operative force by the Cuban police who looked to impede such event. According to the leaders of the event, the activists were able to display Cuban flags and throw doves, declaring the Cuban youth’s commitment with the civic non-violent movement for freedom.


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