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Youth Leader will be Judged in Santiago de Cuba
By Cuban Democratic Directorate

Adrián Sánchez Ortega: new victim of repression against the Cuban Youth Movement for Democracy


Santiago de Cuba, December 28th, 2005.  The Organizing Secretary for the Cuban Youth Movement for Democracy (CYMD), Adrián Sánchez Ortega, will be tried for a cause fabricated by the Department of State Security in Santiago de Cuba as told to the Cuban Democratic Directorate by ex prisoner of conscience, Néstor Rodríguez Lobaina.


“We want to urge the internacional Youth Committee for Democracy in Cuba to join in solidarity with the members of our organization, against which there has been unleashed strong repression following our realization of a symbolic act at Turquino peak [highest point of the Sierra Maestra and the home base of Castro’s guerillas during the struggle with Batista in the late 1950’s] on November 27, 2005. We need the World’s solidarity at this moment,” requested Néstor from his home in the western region of Cuba.


Gerardo Sánchez Ortega, National Coordinator of the Cuban Youth Movement for Democracy and brother of the detained member explained that his brother was detained in a spectacular operation in plain public view in the city of Santiago de Cuba, and was taken to State Security operations headquarters in the region known as Versailles. Gerardo added that according to State Security agent Enrique Sánchez, his brother will be accused of falsification of documents which were confiscated during his detention.


“We don’t understand this accusation. We, his family, are very shocked, and reject this type of insinuation or accusation made against my brother, since they took him off the street in an abrupt manner without a search of his home. Also, we have stated that my brother, along with other members of the CYMD, and I have been cited by State Security to the station located at Calle Siboney #10, and have been strongly threatened with imprisonment if we continue our activities, and that we would have problems in prison and be assaulted by delinquents, “ affirmed Sánchez Ortega.


The Cuban Democratic Directorate alerts international public opinion about the case of Adrián Sánchez Ortega, as a demonstration of the strong repressive campaign carried out against human rights activists, especially those of the CYMD.

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