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Miami, January 24th, 2006. While the Cuban regime continues its campaign of aggressions and acts of repudiation against civic activists and human rights defenders, neighbors in Cuba’s communities and municipalities refuse to cooperate with the repression and show sympathy for the pro-democratic activists on the island.


Recently three acts of aggression against members of the opposition in different parts of the country demonstrated what is becoming news for the international press: the Cuban people are manifesting their support more and more for the pro democratic activists who are struggling for change on the island.


Since January 12th Juan Carlos González Leiva, president of the Cuban Human Rights Foundation was the victim of various acts of repression and vandalism for various days in front of his home on Calle Honorato del Castillo in the city of Ciego de Ávila. After being unable to communicate via telephone for various days, he affirmed, “Despite the strong terror, the death threats, the preparation of weapons, tanks, destruction, etc, there were also a string of manifestations of support for us and in support of human rights during the first and second days of these acts of repression, and this produced about 5 or 6 incidents of confrontation with State Security in which neighbors challenged the officers saying that this was unjust and they disagreed with the actions taken against us. This led the provincial coordinator of the Committees in Defense of the Revolution (CDR) to get on a loudspeaker and state, ‘We know who is defending Juan Carlos and we will attack those neighbors as soon as we are done over here.’ Not only neighbors, but other people from the municipality also manifested, even after the attacks, their discontent at these abuses by the Cuban government.” (Juan Carlos González Leiva, Ciego de Ávila. January 23rd, 2006.)


Meanwhile, Juan Francisco Sigler Amaya, executive of the Independent Movement for an Alternative Option, who also suffered from another of these acts of State terrorism this past Sunday, January 22nd, described the following from his home at Calle 22 in the municipality of Pedro Betancourt: “[…] The workers stood watching in bewilderment, none of them responded to the slogans shouted by the officials prompting them to join in a chorus. Nobody responded, in fact I knew some of them in the crowd, and they had mixed with others to have more support. I can say that they had an exemplary attitude, although they were a bit scared because there is tremendous fear here. Nobody joined this manifestation and nobody shouted an obscenity at me. In fact, after the two instigators left my presence, they approached me and shook my hand, telling me that those people only speak fallacies and that they are of dubious moral character, both of their wives cheat on them, both are alcoholics, they spend their lives drinking in their lovers’ homes and they have serious problems in their own homes, in other words, their morality is completely disastrous. They have also been known to snitch on people of their same rank in other places. They are corrupt, and have no authority before the workers because they are totally discredited. Moreover, when they shouted ‘Down with the worms,’ nobody responded, and many people laughed in their faces, mocking them. What they intended to do to hurt me resulted in a defeat for them.” Juan Francisco Sigler Amaya. Pedro Betancourt, Matanzas. January 23rd, 2006.



In the town of Mayarí, members of the Western Democratic Alliance Guillermo Llano Ricardo and Eliécer Consuegra Rivas suffered from a violent attack from mobs organized by State Security in Holguín on January 19th. Consuegra Rivas gave the following testimony: “We were attacked by communist officials and militants, but they were not from the area where we were attacked, Mayari. They kicked us and punched us, and we have been hurt in many places on our bodies, although we told them who we were, they carried all sorts of maneuvers to terrorize us. We will not step down. We call on the people of Mayarí to not cooperate with this injustice. Many people here are in solidarity with us and they asked us why we did not defend ourselves, and we said that we are non-violent. In reality, we feel very good spiritually because we gave them a lesson about the non-violent struggle we are carrying out. The people who demonstrated support are from the community and we would like to thank those people who offered their homes as a refuge.” (Eliécer Consuegra Rivas. Antilla, Holguín. January 20th, 2006)


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