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Cuban regime promotes confrontation between repressive forces and the Cuban people.

Miami, February 8th, 2006. In the past weeks, the aggression against peaceful human rights activists by means of government-organized mobs and physical and verbal attacks has been daily news. Various activists have documented the maneuvers pf the political police to create confrontations with people from the community who have stood up in defense of the human rights activists.


“We are afraid of this situation of violence and threats being carried out by State Security and the members of the political police in Cuba. They are saying that they are the community, but the people know that the real community is the one that defends us, the one that has gone out to defend us in the face of the government-organized mobs. We think they want to provoke us, provoke violence on the streets, and take us to a situation of confrontation. We have received death threats, that if they have to kill, they will kill. We are peaceful activists, and we will not change, we will continue to defend the human rights of all Cubans,” stated Bertha Antúnez Pernet, human rights activist from Placetas, Cuba, and president of the Pedro Luis Boitel National Movement for Civic Resistance, during an interview on Radio Republica.


Bertha Antúnez described and incident that occurred on February 2nd, when a government-organized mob forced an entry into the house of activist Amado Ruiz Moreno, causing damage to the home and insulting the family and other people who were there at the time. The mob painted signs on the façade of the house hailing the Cuban dictator, and later the police came and detained Ruiz Moreno and his wife. The neighbors on the block cleaned the pro-governmental signs and fixed his house, in addition to naming the people who had carried out the inhumane act.


This is only an example of the continuous attacks suffered by human rights activists in different parts of Cuba, and where neighbors support the activists and react against the acts of violence.


The Cuban Democratic Directorate alerts international public opinion to the increase in governmental violence in the streets of Cuba and specifically against the defenders of human rights ion the Island. Directorio echoes the concern of Bertha Antúnez and other activists over the confrontational and aggressive policy carried out during these moments of crisis in Cuba.


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