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Organizations in Cuba will carry out commemorative activities Directorio remembers our fallen brothers, and affirms its commitment to liberty

The Cuban Democratic Directorate remembers Mario Manuel de la Peña, member of our organization and pilot for Hermanos al Rescate, who was assassinated on February 24th, 1996, along with three courageous brothers: Carlos Costa, Armando Alejandre and Pablo Morales Barba.


Activities to commemorate this historic and grievous date will take place in exile and on the island of Cuba.


“As young Cubans on the island we say that we will not forget those brothers, that many people here remember them, and appreciate what they did for us all, the hundreds of lives they saved. We trust that this crime will not remain in impunity,” expressed Roberto Carlos Pérez García from Santa Clara, member of the Cuban Christian Democratic Movement, an organization that was founded on February 24th, 2003.


In Las Tunas, independent librarian, Héctor Riverón, director of the Mario Manuel de la Peña independent library stated: “We will host an activity in commemoration of February 24th, despite the repression we are facing, which does not even allow us to speak on the telephone, we will do it.”


The Cuban Democratic Directorate affirms its commitment to achieve democratic change in Cuba, with the memory of our fallen brothers as our exemplars.


“Mario Manuel taught us with his humanitarian sense the importance of defending justice where human rights are violated. All of them with their sacrifice, showed us a great love for Cuba and for the Cuban people. Our commitment to Mario Manuel is to achieve victory,” affirmed Javier De Céspedes, president of the Cuban Democratic Directorate.





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