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Cuban reporter is denied medical attention for speaking on Radio República
By Cuban Democratic Directorate


On Tuesday, February 28th, Tania de la Torre, independent journalist from Manzanillo, went to the Celia Sánchez Manduley Hospital with her husband to receive medical treatment for an injury to her right eye. When she arrived at the ophthalmologist lobby, a nurse with last name Reyes Batista said she had to leave the hospital.


“My husband told her he was a doctor and that I had a strong pain and we had to see if I had an ulcer because I was hit on my right eye. Then she told me that she did not care and that I had to leave the hospital. So, my husband and I entered the ophthalmology department and we thought this reaction was an isolated incident, when suddenly the doctor named Annia Oliveros Inarte, came to the room to say something to three doctors that were there. She took them to a different room, and when they came out my husband asked Doctor Joaquín if they could see me, and he told my husband no. They did not have the proper conditions, there was no liquid to put in my eye, and he could not care for me in that hospital,” affirmed De la Torre.


A few days before this incident Tania de la Torre made declarations on Radio República concerning the dire health care situation in Cuba, specifically in the Celia Sánchez Manduley Hospital. According to De la Torre, the hospital is divided in two: there is a section for the Operation Miracle campaign and another section for poor people. Due to a manipulation of the Cuban regime, De la Torre did not receive medical attention in Manzanillo for having spoken on Radio Republica.


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