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Activists unite to pray for Cuba
By Cuban Democratic Directorate

More than a dozen human rights activists were present at the María del Carmen Church in the city of Santa Clara, on Sunday, March 12th, to attend mass and as a symbol of solidarity with political prisoners, and with Guillermo Fariñas Hernández, an independent journalist who is in grave state of health due to a hunger strike he is carrying out to demand access to the internet.


The activists gathered in the morning hours around the church. Among them was Noelia Pedraza Jiménez, who recently concluded a hunger strike demanding the cessation of repression and violence instigated by the Communist Party of Cuba and State Security.


When the mass celebration began, the activists sat at the back of the church. They could be distinguished by their white clothing and their well-known bracelets that read, “Change.” When mass ended, the Cuban democrats greeted each other fraternally and they reaffirmed their decision to continue their work in favor of democracy, liberty for all political prisoners, and national reconciliation.


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