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Camagüey, Cuba, March 22, 2006. The sister of Cuban political prisoner Jorge Luis García Pérez “Antúnez” is carrying out a sit-in in front of the Kilo 7 Prison in Camaguey in protest over the prison conditions of her brother. Antunez has been on a hunger strike since March 7th and a common prisoner, Raidel Carmenate, has joined his strike. Both are currently in grave health conditions, urinating blood and extremely weak. Antúnez manager to issue the following statement:


Declaration from Cuban political prisoner Jorge Luis Gacía Pérez “Antúnez” who is carrying out a hunger strike since March 7th, 2006 in the Kilo 7 Prison in  Camagüey.


“To the opposition organizations in the island and in exile, and to national and international public opinion.


My name is Jorge Luís García Pérez “Antúnez”, a political prisoner since March 1990 and for more than 11 years exiled from my province of Villa Clara.


I take advantage of this opportunity to let the world know that I am on hunger strike since this past March 7th, protesting over countless violations of my most basic rights, significantly the right to telephone calls, which includes respect for my privacy and the exercise of free expression in said calls; additionally, the failure of the authorities in this prison to guarantee my physical integrity.


The above mentioned prohibitions occurred shortly after I made declarations via telephone on Radio República, headquartered in the city of Miami, United States, in which I not only made public some of the human rights violations that take place here daily, but I also called the Cuban people to join the peaceful opposition movements, and not to join violent government-organized mobs in repressing those who are the true defenders of their rights.


The regime’s sinister organisms of political repression, in conspiracy with high-ranking authorities of the prison, opted to suspend my access to telephone calls and access to food which they had been bringing directly to the cell where I live. These were demands to which the authorities had acceded in recent days after another hunger strike in which I demanded, among other things, not to have to go to the common eating area for personal safety reasons.


Prison officials pretend to be indifferent and to ignore what I am doing. With such absurd techniques they intend to break my will, firmness, and peaceful resistance in this protest in which I have been joined by prisoner Raidel Carmenate Madruga.



The officials, on the other hand, seem without worry, and they are not concerned for my rapidly deteriorating physical state, and the worse thing is the respiratory problems I am having, my hypoglycemia, as well as the pain in my extremities and the consequent lack of energy and weight loss. This situation of arrogance, high-handedness, and human insensitivity makes me think that this protest, in addition to being long and difficult, will be very dangerous to my health, and since I am not inclined to make any concessions in the face of blackmail, threats, or psychological torture.


I alert international public opinion,  international organizations, my compatriots and also the oppressors, about my decision to continue to denounce, as I have been doing until now, the attacks against people and against human dignity that are committed inside Cuba prisons, and to continue this protest until the ultimate consequences if my ideological opponents do not meet my demands.


I ask all the people of good will throughout the World for support and coverage of this just protest, not just for me but also for Raidel Carmenate Madruga, who is in danger of losing his life due to his delicate state of health.


God bless you, Long live Free Cuba, Time has come for Cuba’s Freedom


From the Kilo 7 prison in Camaguey,

Jorge Luís García Pérez (Antúnez)     



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