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Youth from Miami and Cuba participate in teleconference
By Cuban Democratic Directorate

Havana, Cuba – March 24th, 2006 (Roberto Santana Rodríguez / www.cubanet.org) – On march 21st, members of the Youth Marti Coalition, YMC, in Havana, Cuba, and a group of young Cuban Americans, members of the Cuban Democratic Directorate (CDD) in Miami, had an encounter via a teleconference, which Edgard López Moreno, one of the presidents of YMC qualified as being very productive.

"We carried out the call despite threats from State Security agents, who began to confront us since Sunday the 19th. Marco de Miranda, the other president of YMC, was not allowed to leave his house in mantilla. Another agent presented himself at his parents’ house in Central Havana,” stated López Moreno.

According to López Moreno, during the dialogue between youth from the island and their compatriots in exile, headed by Janisset Rivero of the CDD, the latter asked about youth on the island, and their possibilities of receiving a university education, as well as internet access.

The members of the YMC expressed that the acceptance of young people into universities is highly politicized. “One has to become involved and follow a process of political militancy. Otherwise, it is difficult to apply for universities, graduate, and pursue a career. We are reminded of students that have been expelled from universities for signing the Varela Project,” emphasized López.

Independent journalist Alain Ramón Gómez Ramos, of Cubanacán Press, spoke about Internet access for young people on the island, which he described as manipulated by the government, and they are only allowed to enter an Intranet that only has information that does not criticize the regime. Gómez Ramos indicated that in the so-called cyber cafés Internet access costs a minimum of 3 convertible pesos for half and tour, and 5 convertible pesos for one hour, money which is not at the reach of university students, and the general population. "There are pages considered antirevolutionary by the regime, and it is impossible to enter them,” said Gomez Ramos.

The participants in the conference call enthusiastically referred to the program, "¡Juventud Despierta!" which is promoted on through Radio República, of the CDD. The youth on the island suggested talking about political matters at a minimum, and emphasizing on other topics such as culture, science, and sports. The members of the YMC also took on the name of the program. As López Moreno expressed, it is time for young people to wake up and incorporate themselves into the struggle for democratic change in Cuba.

Source: Cubanet (http://www.cubanet.org/CNews/y06/mar06/27a3.htm)


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